, 2011 – Etutorhub.com, an online tutoring website, has announced that the “WIN BIG” contest will start on December 20, 2011. The contest will offer prizes ranging from XBOX 360, Sony Play Station 3, IPAD 2, Kindle, IPOD, Digital cameras and so much more. Students and tutors will both have the opportunity to win of these exciting prizes through a contest that is aimed on promoting the website. Etutorhub.com will announce 3 winners every month for the next 2 months.

Contesters and interested parties may sign up at anytime by going to http://www.etutorhub.com/contest.php

About Etutorhub.com:

The strategy devised by Etutorhub.com to face this challenge is two-pronged. On the one hand, it gives students immediate access to high quality tutors from around the world at highly affordable prices. Thus, students can get the best guidance at any budget. On the other hand, the website has also come up with a pioneering business model that offers tutors a level playing field and allows the best talents to rise steadily, both in income and reputation. Thus, expert tutors will find it immensely satisfying to work at Etutorhub.com.

Developed on the experience and feedback from students, Etutorhub.com has included many student-friendly features like students stipulating the price they are willing to pay and access to instant solutions from the vast database at Etutorhub.com. Most importantly, students can buy more than one tutorial for the same query.

One of the most important features of Etutorhub.com is the robust rating system. Students rate their tutors depending on the quality of response and guidance they receive. This ensures that tutors who deliver excellent work consistently rise to the top and offer their guidance to more numbers of students.

Some of the most searched for tutorials in Etutorhub.com are: ACC 421, ACC 422, ACC 423, ACC 349, ACC 220, ACC 260, MAT 116, MAT 117, SOC 120, SCI 230, SCI 275 and much more.

About Etutorhub.com:
Etutorhub.com is an online tutoring website that helps join students and tutors from around the world. With Etutorhub.com, students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of subjects to learn from. Subjects usually tutored on Etutorhub.com range from ACC 421, ACC 422, ACC 423, ACC 349, ACC 220, ACC 260, MAT 116, MAT 117, MAT 205, RES 341, RES 342 and much more.

Company Contact Information

Dan Hemer
23 bergen drive rd
Phone : 2016887015

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